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Private Lives, Feminism & Dumpster Diving

We all have public, private and secret lives. Every. Single. One of us.

So what does it mean to know someone? To know someone? To know someone? What does it mean to know yourself? It’s amazing how much time we spend trying to figure ourselves out. It’s amazing…but it’s not crazy.

There is so much that we’re exposed to now that didn’t exist before (or if it did, we never had access to it) that we are constantly having to reconcile new information with who we are–with our construct of ourself.

Are weRead More

Test Your Perceptiveness Skills In 13 Easy Steps

How perceptive are you? How perceptive do we really need to be?

When fighting terrorists or Ebola, it’s certainly important to understand differences between good guys and bad guys and safe fevers and deadly fevers. Does understanding the differences make it easier to perceive the differences? I have studied my fair share of stuff about the Middle East and am still far from an expert, yet the similar costumery, weaponry and tactics can make it challenging enough for me to perceive the difference between the teams…let alone the team members. I have wondered if the differences are perhapsRead More

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