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5 Words That Will Make Your Sales Suck

I really don’t get excited about accounting & finance, but today was amazing because I thought someone had paid-it-forward on my bank statement. I was mentally halfway packed for a fabulous vacation when something annoying caught my attention. Digging up my prior months’ financial statements made it clear that my windfall was a mistake—a mistake that resulted from an earlier mistake made by the bank that I had spent hours correcting the month before…and the month before that.

I called my financial person. She knows me. I explained the situation and she said that she would “try again” (up-spoken) to fix it. Was it a question that she would even try? I told her not to bother since I would be happy to “keep the change” as long as it was legal and she and her company didn’t mind.

She chuckled and then she said the magic wordsRead More

Food For Thought: What Cannibals Teach Us About Sales

Plenty of friends in our animal kingdom eat their family members. Some cannibalism is ritualistic, strategic and customary like the black widow, praying mantis, and scorpion. Other cannibalism is opportunist, unexpected and occasional like some fish, birds, hamsters, bats, seals, otters, chimpanzees, and lions and tigers and bears. Oh my.

Sand tiger sharks are unique in their cannibalistic ritual in that they are the only species that starts the ritual in their mother-shark’s uterus. Sand tiger shark embryos develop sharp teeth and a mighty hunger…for their lesser embryotic siblings. The competition for survival starts before birth and it is fierce. By the time the mother sand tiger shark gives birth from both of her two uteruses, only the two strongest shark-pups emerge.

We all unwillingly practice small amounts of self-cannibalism every time our body consumes dead cells from our tongue and cheeks. Nail biting self-cannibals must find themselves’ even more irresistibly delicious.

Corporate or market cannibalism occurs when a new product or service consumes the sales and demand of an existing product or service. When you engage in cannibalism as a planned and ritualistic practice, it can be Read More