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How Did We Get So Right?

I like to think of polarizing issues and try to pinpoint the exact moment when I knew which side of the issue was right. On big issues like abortion, gay marriage and Justin Bieber, I doubt that I will ever change my mind because I’m absolutely certain that I’m right. Still, it’s hard for me to pinpoint the exact moment that I came to my right conclusion.

I’m willing to admit that I could be wrong. Okay, no I’m not. Who do I even think that I’m fooling? I know several things about this process because science tells me so. The more entrenched I am in my opinion, the more I will look for things that prove I’m right. Now, I don’t have to look far and wide to find evidence proving I’m right, but that’s because I am.

Even if I could pinpoint what I think informed what I know to be right, I know that I’d discount all the things that could have informed me in the wrong-right opinion. Such is the confirmation bias. I do look for things to support what I already believe…because they’re easy to find.

But…I admit that I at least think about evidence that the other side may consider. I try to imagine how they may have arrived at their wrong opinion.

That’s why this video is so shocking. I’m not saying one has to experience a forced or an unwanted pregnancy or even dress in drag to weigh-in on the abortion debate, but really? 





I know this blog is supposed to be about Sexy Mind Science, influence, and persuasive communication (with some real estate thrown in for my homers), but it’s the anniversary month of Roe v Wade and a pivotal moment for a chance to get on the right side of the history of marriage equality. It’s good to challenge ourselves, right? Let’s just tie this whole thing together by saying that there is quite a bit of Sexy Mind Science that says that to persuade people you have to at least think about their perspective. 

It is true that a thousand days cannot prove you right, but one day can prove you to be wrong.
Nassim Nicholas Taleb, author of The Black Swan.



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