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The Benefits of a Leaping Life

Thankfully, I have done a lot of stupid things in my life so leaping away from a 20-year and highly successful real estate career to get out on thin-ice, test my hypotheses, and re-discover my inner “creator” is not the dumbest thing I have ever done. Some days I wonder. Most days I toast myself with a delicious adult beverage and thank my good fortune that I was brave enough and able to take that leap.

Let’s face it, no matter how much we save and plan, not everyone can leave a lucrative job to explore anything…much less some crazy hypotheses. There is always risk. Shit happens to and because of us.

walking on ice2

Sure, I work hard, but I’m far too realistic (and familiar with the attribution bias) to think that my successes are only due to my hard work. If I did think that, I would also have to take far too much responsibility for my many failures. I’d hate that.

I do, however, highly recommend leaping out of the rut (quicksand?) of your life and onto the thin-ice. This may not mean completely leaving the security of your big-girl job, but it may very well mean that.

Although leaping onto thin-ice will always inspire you, this is neither an inspirational nor selfy-helpy suggestion. This is a business suggestion…that might help you in more ways than you can image. Start with curiosity about a business, culture or people that you don’t know and don’t really understand. For advanced studies, start with a business, culture or people (political group?) you disagree with. I call this cross-pollination.

magazine store

Tip: A magazine store is an even better place to cross-pollinate than the internet.

Follow your curiosity. Then take your leap. 

The reason I can claim this is that the part of my hypothesis that involves cross-pollination has advanced into the realm of theory. Following your curiosity into the lives of new people, industries, cultures, counter-cultures and sub-cultures will land you smack in the fertile soil where you will find the seeds for your next great idea.

It may also lead you directly into the arms of the life you love. Lips

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