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Private Lives, Feminism & Dumpster Diving

We all have public, private and secret lives. Every. Single. One of us.

So what does it mean to know someone? To know someone? To know someone? What does it mean to know yourself? It’s amazing how much time we spend trying to figure ourselves out. It’s amazing…but it’s not crazy.

There is so much that we’re exposed to now that didn’t exist before (or if it did, we never had access to it) that we are constantly having to reconcile new information with who we are–with our construct of ourself.

Are weRead More

Test Your Perceptiveness Skills In 13 Easy Steps

How perceptive are you? How perceptive do we really need to be?

When fighting terrorists or Ebola, it’s certainly important to understand differences between good guys and bad guys and safe fevers and deadly fevers. Does understanding the differences make it easier to perceive the differences? I have studied my fair share of stuff about the Middle East and am still far from an expert, yet the similar costumery, weaponry and tactics can make it challenging enough for me to perceive the difference between the teams…let alone the team members. I have wondered if the differences are perhapsRead More

Are You Curious About Your Competence?

The other day a potential future rock-star, 6-year old drummer girl asked me a great question.

“How do I know whether I’m good enough yet?”

It wasn’t an easy question to answer because we all wonder, from time to time, whether we question our competence too much or not enough. Are we not yet good enough or are we so good that, comparatively, others suck?

Sexy mind science can be embarrassing when it comes to humans and our competence. For exampleRead More

Use Curiosity to Avoid This Trap

“I would love to see the statistics of domestic violence in the NFL versus the general population.”

“What do you mean by statistics?”

“Well, I mean the reported rates. I bet the reported rates are a lot higher in the NFL than in the general population.”

“Really? What would that mean?”

Could it mean that:
Read More

9 Things. The Lower Ninth Ward. 9 Years Later

I was admiring the cushiness of my cool bicycle seat in the humid New Orleans sun, when our guide asked if anyone had suggested that we wear bulletproof vests along with our bike helmets.

“No,” I said. “I guess we’re brave…or stupid. We didn’t really ask anyone their opinion before the ride.”

“I was told not to go into the Lower Ninth Ward,” our Welch bike-mate, Aron, confessed.

Vacations can be curiosity quests that provide powerful insights when we ignite the right type of courage and adventure. Although curiosity quests can take us places that others deem strange or dangerous, novelty that inspires powerful insights can be foundRead More

World History Starts Here

Imagine you have a pushpin. It is sharp and magical. Imagine you can count on your memory of yesterday being the one true memory. Extend your crystal clear memory all the way back to the beginning of time so that your scroll of history is the one true and accurate depiction. Now call up the magic of your pushpin and succinctly prink the moment in history from which you want all land ownership to be determined. Start there.

That pushpin gave you a lot of power. Beware ofRead More

Curiosity at the World Domination Summit

This past weekend was the World Domination Summit. Chris Guillebeau and his dedicated team brought approximately 2500 people from over 30 countries together in Portland for the fourth year of his wonderful, inspiring quest of an event. Admittedly when I first heard about the summit I, like many people, suspected that it was inspired by Fifty Shades of Grey. Maybe it was, but there was neither whip nor front-zipping mask in sight. There were, however, speakers from all over the world, a world-record yoga event in Pioneer Courthouse Square, and participant-generated meet-ups covering topics from meditation, internet marketing, film and ecstatic dance. The summit sold outRead More

Dumpster Dive Your Life to Connect

Once upon a not-too-long-ago time, I was an impostor in a focus group. Wildly impressive people gathered in Los Angeles for what seemed like the purpose of giving others (okay, me) an inferiority complex. Really they were there, like me, for a focus group to test their media meddle.
One serious, ex-military general was preparing to present a multi-billion dollar project to the Pentagon the next month. A brilliant, German scientist was testing her TED talk about her discovery of a whole new way of looking at cancer. A best-selling author was prepping for a sit-down with Oprah, and another clever entrepreneur was practicing for a Today Show segment. And then there was Read More

Pray the Gay Away: Right to Choose?

In my Year of Living Curiously experiment, a recent event provided the biggest challenge to elevating curiosity ahead of criticism.

My calendar was blocked out for the Degenerate Flame-Off weekend. It’s the coolest annual event for the glass pipe industry where all the great glass artists from around the country come to compete. With my crazy marijuana-related projects chugging along, I simple had to be there. Plus, it was guaranteed to be hot, sexy and sharp.

That same weekend I was asked to attend a protest for the national conference of Restored Hope Network, a reparative/gay-conversion/deal with homosexuality/pray-the-gay-away event. I was torn, but then I thought,Read More

Life After Real Estate

A great conversation is often ignited by a simple question and always fueled by curiosity. Really, it doesn’t have to be profound. It can be something like:
“Do you miss selling real estate?”

Evan asked me that. Big freakin’ deal. It wasn’t the first time (nor merely the 56th time) I had been asked because after 20 years of a successful career — any career — it’s not common (or smart?) to pack up and leave the business of your own volition. For some reason, however, the way Evan asked, with her inquisitively narrowed eyelids squished around focused eyeballs, made me know that she was really interested in the answer. Or maybe it was becauseRead More

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