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Start With What You’re Not

Today, while out walking, I was non-intentionally challenged by a darling seven and a half-year old boy to drink from the trough of my own advice to start with what you’re not.

While walking with his mom, the little urchin stopped me and asked a common and simple question:

“Are you cat person or a dog person?”Read More

Being Wrong About the Right Side of History

On the eve of what I hope will eventually be a distant and proud memory of Oregon joining company with many other states on the right side of history, I have been thinking a lot about the what it takes to change one’s mind—what it takes to change a nation’s collective mind.

I must now admit that, although I embraced marriage equality early on, it wasn’t always the case for me. I remember the moment my mind was changed. Read More

What I Learned From The World of Weed

Recently I interviewed a famous glass artist. Technically he is a famous functional glass artist. To be clearer still, the functional part is that the incredible art that he creates functions as a pipe —for smoking.

Although I would never suggest that these pipes are for smoking anything but legal herbs, truth be told, as part of a project that I’m working onRead More

The Benefits of a Leaping Life

Thankfully, I have done a lot of stupid things in my life so leaping away from a 20-year and highly successful real estate career to get out on thin ice, test my hypotheses, and re-discover my inner “creator” is not the dumbest thing I have ever done. Some days I wonder. Most days I toast myself with a delicious adult beverage and thank my good fortune that I was brave enough and able to take that leap.

Let’s face it, no matter how much weRead More

5 Words That Will Make Your Sales Suck

I really don’t get excited about accounting & finance, but today was amazing because I thought someone had paid-it-forward on my bank statement. I was mentally halfway packed for a fabulous vacation when something annoying caught my attention. Digging up my prior months’ financial statements made it clear that my windfall was a mistake—a mistake that resulted from an earlier mistake made by the bank that I had spent hours correcting the month before…and the month before that.

I called my financial person. She knows me. I explained the situation and she said that she would “try again” (up-spoken) to fix it. Was it a question that she would even try? I told her not to bother since I would be happy to “keep the change” as long as it was legal and she and her company didn’t mind.

She chuckled and then she said the magic wordsRead More

Food For Thought: What Cannibals Teach Us About Sales

Plenty of friends in our animal kingdom eat their family members. Some cannibalism is ritualistic, strategic and customary like the black widow, praying mantis, and scorpion. Other cannibalism is opportunist, unexpected and occasional like some fish, birds, hamsters, bats, seals, otters, chimpanzees, and lions and tigers and bears. Oh my.

Sand tiger sharks are unique in their cannibalistic ritual in that they are the only species that starts the ritual in their mother-shark’s uterus. Sand tiger shark embryos develop sharp teeth and a mighty hunger…for their lesser embryotic siblings. The competition for survival starts before birth and it is fierce. By the time the mother sand tiger shark gives birth from both of her two uteruses, only the two strongest shark-pups emerge.

We all unwillingly practice small amounts of self-cannibalism every time our body consumes dead cells from our tongue and cheeks. Nail biting self-cannibals must find themselves’ even more irresistibly delicious.

Corporate or market cannibalism occurs when a new product or service consumes the sales and demand of an existing product or service. When you engage in cannibalism as a planned and ritualistic practice, it can be Read More

The Best History of Real Estate Ever

The earliest history of the real estate industry was recorded in cave drawings. The reported history started with a couple of open houses involving cave-maker jezebels who sent the Homo Fabulous from the tribe out to find the perfect pelts while opening their “caves” to tribal Homo Erectus, but those stories are vicious rumors. The average cave cost 7 pelts.**

In reality, the first open house in American was probably in Levittown, New York in 1947. Sortafacts** reveals that the initial open house attempt was a flop because the attendees were all neighbors who lived in the exact replica house down the street. Several years later an ingenious agent decided that sneaking out of the office and into someone’s home might give the edge on capturing prospects. Early pros were amazed at what they learned when they actually walked through someone’s house…and paid attention. This method proved to be very effective, as holding open houses became the most popular weekend activity for anyone with a scuffed briefcase and a comb-over. The average home cost…Read More

A Dangerous Weapon Against Love and Hate

In honor of the Valentine’s Day of love, let’s clear up some misunderstanding about love’s disrespected counterpart, hate.

Hate has been given a bad rap lately and that has greatly diminished its distinction as intensely different from judgment, evaluation, review, criticism, dislike and even meanness.

Don’t be a hater.
Haters gonna hate.
Meme Millennial

Since when is a hater someone who doesn’t think you or your products are worth buying? Since when is a hater someone who doesn’t like the clothes you wear or something you created? Since when is a hater someone who disagrees with you?Read More

How Did We Get So Right?

I like to think of polarizing issues and try to pinpoint the exact moment when I knew which side of the issue was right. On big issues like abortion, gay marriage and Justin Bieber, I doubt that I will ever change my mind because I’m absolutely certain that I’m right. Still, it’s hard for me to pinpoint the exact moment that I came to my right conclusion.

I’m willing to admit that I could be wrong. Okay, no I’m not. Who do I even think that I’m fooling? I know several things about this process because science tells me so. The more entrenched I am in my opinion, the more I will look for things that prove I’m right. Now, I don’t have to look far and wide to find evidence proving I’m right, but that’s because Read More

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