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Arousing in the News


The High End Magazine interview gives a vibe of what the Arousing the Buy Curious book and project is all about. And it’s the first to censor the book cover as being too risqué so yay for that audience!

The High End interview

Publisher’s Weekly reviewed Arousing! It will be interesting to see what they say about the soon-to-be-released Safe-for-Work Edition.
For the spicy edition they said, “But beyond the glitzy word play is a compendium of surprisingly conventional insights into real estate success.
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And from the earlier annals….Arousing the Buy Curious is no longer a virgin! The first review is in (okay, sort of the second one because one major real estate guru said that he’s too much of a prude to provide a review and, although we don’t get it, we do respect it, right?).

Here’s what our friends at The National Association of Realtors said:

“Becki Saltzman has arranged a threesome.” 

Don’t leave it at that…read on.





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