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World History Starts Here

Imagine you have a pushpin. It is sharp and magical. Imagine you can count on your memory of yesterday being the one true memory. Extend your crystal clear memory all the way back to the beginning of time so that your scroll of history is the one true and accurate depiction. Now call up the magic of your pushpin and succinctly prink the moment in history from which you want all land ownership to be determined. Start there.

That pushpin gave you a lot of power. Beware ofRead More

Being Wrong About the Right Side of History

On the eve of what I hope will eventually be a distant and proud memory of Oregon joining company with many other states on the right side of history, I have been thinking a lot about the what it takes to change one’s mind—what it takes to change a nation’s collective mind.

I must now admit that, although I embraced marriage equality early on, it wasn’t always the case for me. I remember the moment my mind was changed. Read More

How Did We Get So Right?

I like to think of polarizing issues and try to pinpoint the exact moment when I knew which side of the issue was right. On big issues like abortion, gay marriage and Justin Bieber, I doubt that I will ever change my mind because I’m absolutely certain that I’m right. Still, it’s hard for me to pinpoint the exact moment that I came to my right conclusion.

I’m willing to admit that I could be wrong. Okay, no I’m not. Who do I even think that I’m fooling? I know several things about this process because science tells me so. The more entrenched I am in my opinion, the more I will look for things that prove I’m right. Now, I don’t have to look far and wide to find evidence proving I’m right, but that’s because Read More

From Nether Regions Come…Sortafacts

Sortafacts are everywhere. Shhh…don’t tell anybody because whispering makes things 87% more believable.

Sortafacts are shared by company presidents, members of governments, magazines, blogs, newspapers, and news broadcasts both fair and balanced and slippery and wobbly. They are the truth-ish. This is proven to be true 93% of the time.

Often they come from our nether regions. Basically. Trust me. Literally (I saw them there once). They sometimes get sent down the bloggit hole whereRead More

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