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9 Things. The Lower Ninth Ward. 9 Years Later

I was admiring the cushiness of my cool bicycle seat in the humid New Orleans sun, when our guide asked if anyone had suggested that we wear bulletproof vests along with our bike helmets.

“No,” I said. “I guess we’re brave…or stupid. We didn’t really ask anyone their opinion before the ride.”

“I was told not to go into the Lower Ninth Ward,” our Welch bike-mate, Aron, confessed.

Vacations can be curiosity quests that provide powerful insights when we ignite the right type of courage and adventure. Although curiosity quests can take us places that others deem strange or dangerous, novelty that inspires powerful insights can be foundRead More

World History Starts Here

Imagine you have a pushpin. It is sharp and magical. Imagine you can count on your memory of yesterday being the one true memory. Extend your crystal clear memory all the way back to the beginning of time so that your scroll of history is the one true and accurate depiction. Now call up the magic of your pushpin and succinctly prink the moment in history from which you want all land ownership to be determined. Start there.

That pushpin gave you a lot of power. Beware ofRead More

The Best History of Real Estate Ever

The earliest history of the real estate industry was recorded in cave drawings. The reported history started with a couple of open houses involving cave-maker jezebels who sent the Homo Fabulous from the tribe out to find the perfect pelts while opening their “caves” to tribal Homo Erectus, but those stories are vicious rumors. The average cave cost 7 pelts.**

In reality, the first open house in American was probably in Levittown, New York in 1947. Sortafacts** reveals that the initial open house attempt was a flop because the attendees were all neighbors who lived in the exact replica house down the street. Several years later an ingenious agent decided that sneaking out of the office and into someone’s home might give the edge on capturing prospects. Early pros were amazed at what they learned when they actually walked through someone’s house…and paid attention. This method proved to be very effective, as holding open houses became the most popular weekend activity for anyone with a scuffed briefcase and a comb-over. The average home cost…Read More

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