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Being Wrong About the Right Side of History

On the eve of what I hope will eventually be a distant and proud memory of Oregon joining company with many other states on the right side of history, I have been thinking a lot about the what it takes to change one’s mind—what it takes to change a nation’s collective mind.

I must now admit that, although I embraced marriage equality early on, it wasn’t always the case for me. I remember the moment my mind was changed. Read More

How Did We Get So Right?

I like to think of polarizing issues and try to pinpoint the exact moment when I knew which side of the issue was right. On big issues like abortion, gay marriage and Justin Bieber, I doubt that I will ever change my mind because I’m absolutely certain that I’m right. Still, it’s hard for me to pinpoint the exact moment that I came to my right conclusion.

I’m willing to admit that I could be wrong. Okay, no I’m not. Who do I even think that I’m fooling? I know several things about this process because science tells me so. The more entrenched I am in my opinion, the more I will look for things that prove I’m right. Now, I don’t have to look far and wide to find evidence proving I’m right, but that’s because Read More

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