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Life After Real Estate

A great conversation is often ignited by a simple question and always fueled by curiosity. Really, it doesn’t have to be profound. It can be something like:
“Do you miss selling real estate?”

Evan asked me that. Big freakin’ deal. It wasn’t the first time (nor merely the 56th time) I had been asked because after 20 years of a successful career — any career — it’s not common (or smart?) to pack up and leave the business of your own volition. For some reason, however, the way Evan asked, with her inquisitively narrowed eyelids squished around focused eyeballs, made me know that she was really interested in the answer. Or maybe it was becauseRead More

The Best History of Real Estate Ever

The earliest history of the real estate industry was recorded in cave drawings. The reported history started with a couple of open houses involving cave-maker jezebels who sent the Homo Fabulous from the tribe out to find the perfect pelts while opening their “caves” to tribal Homo Erectus, but those stories are vicious rumors. The average cave cost 7 pelts.**

In reality, the first open house in American was probably in Levittown, New York in 1947. Sortafacts** reveals that the initial open house attempt was a flop because the attendees were all neighbors who lived in the exact replica house down the street. Several years later an ingenious agent decided that sneaking out of the office and into someone’s home might give the edge on capturing prospects. Early pros were amazed at what they learned when they actually walked through someone’s house…and paid attention. This method proved to be very effective, as holding open houses became the most popular weekend activity for anyone with a scuffed briefcase and a comb-over. The average home cost…Read More

Costly Pricing Mistake that Real Estate Pros Make

Many top real estate agents will tell you that the best thing to do when your home is not selling is to…wait for it…reduce the price.

Do you have a trusted real estate pro that you have successfully worked with in the past to buy or sell your home? With all of the real estate market flips and flops, you are probably right to work with your trusted real estate pro again and again and you’re probably super smart to listen to what they tell you.

And they might be super smart to listen to what you tell them.Read More

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