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World History Starts Here

Imagine you have a pushpin. It is sharp and magical. Imagine you can count on your memory of yesterday being the one true memory. Extend your crystal clear memory all the way back to the beginning of time so that your scroll of history is the one true and accurate depiction. Now call up the magic of your pushpin and succinctly prink the moment in history from which you want all land ownership to be determined. Start there.

That pushpin gave you a lot of power. Beware ofRead More

Life After Real Estate

A great conversation is often ignited by a simple question and always fueled by curiosity. Really, it doesn’t have to be profound. It can be something like:
“Do you miss selling real estate?”

Evan asked me that. Big freakin’ deal. It wasn’t the first time (nor merely the 56th time) I had been asked because after 20 years of a successful career — any career — it’s not common (or smart?) to pack up and leave the business of your own volition. For some reason, however, the way Evan asked, with her inquisitively narrowed eyelids squished around focused eyeballs, made me know that she was really interested in the answer. Or maybe it was becauseRead More

Food For Thought: What Cannibals Teach Us About Sales

Plenty of friends in our animal kingdom eat their family members. Some cannibalism is ritualistic, strategic and customary like the black widow, praying mantis, and scorpion. Other cannibalism is opportunist, unexpected and occasional like some fish, birds, hamsters, bats, seals, otters, chimpanzees, and lions and tigers and bears. Oh my.

Sand tiger sharks are unique in their cannibalistic ritual in that they are the only species that starts the ritual in their mother-shark’s uterus. Sand tiger shark embryos develop sharp teeth and a mighty hunger…for their lesser embryotic siblings. The competition for survival starts before birth and it is fierce. By the time the mother sand tiger shark gives birth from both of her two uteruses, only the two strongest shark-pups emerge.

We all unwillingly practice small amounts of self-cannibalism every time our body consumes dead cells from our tongue and cheeks. Nail biting self-cannibals must find themselves’ even more irresistibly delicious.

Corporate or market cannibalism occurs when a new product or service consumes the sales and demand of an existing product or service. When you engage in cannibalism as a planned and ritualistic practice, it can be Read More

The Best History of Real Estate Ever

The earliest history of the real estate industry was recorded in cave drawings. The reported history started with a couple of open houses involving cave-maker jezebels who sent the Homo Fabulous from the tribe out to find the perfect pelts while opening their “caves” to tribal Homo Erectus, but those stories are vicious rumors. The average cave cost 7 pelts.**

In reality, the first open house in American was probably in Levittown, New York in 1947. Sortafacts** reveals that the initial open house attempt was a flop because the attendees were all neighbors who lived in the exact replica house down the street. Several years later an ingenious agent decided that sneaking out of the office and into someone’s home might give the edge on capturing prospects. Early pros were amazed at what they learned when they actually walked through someone’s house…and paid attention. This method proved to be very effective, as holding open houses became the most popular weekend activity for anyone with a scuffed briefcase and a comb-over. The average home cost…Read More

From Quantified Self To Qualified House

Not a month goes by when there isn’t a newest, latest, greatest application or real estate portal that will change the real estate industry. Most don’t. That’s why is it so surprising that the one company that will dramatically change how real estate is transacted, slipped into Google’s grasp with a few, crisp billions and nary a murmur from the real estate industry.

Nest may seem like a sexy, high-design product company but Google didn’t drop trou for a cool-looking thermostat and a groovy smoke detector. It’s not just an industrial design buy for Google. Sure, Google is betting on Nest launching their head start into the Internet of Things. Read More

Grease the Skids…Or Get Left Under the Tire

Hearing something for a second time is not as exciting as hearing it for the first time. It’s also not as scary. It’s like porn–you get immune (or so I hear). That’s why in your business and in life it it so important to tell people what might happen, tell them how they might feel when it happens, and tell them what you’ll do to make them calm the hell down when they call you freaking out.

President Obama should have heeded this advice. Oh look at me, giving advice to Barry.Read More

From the Secret World of Auctions…To You

I spent my youth, dressed as a boy and being dragged to hundreds of industrial auction sites because my parents wanted me to learn the lost art of selling from the master persuader auctioneers. They hoped this dragged-in-drag experience would help me blend with the old-school auctioneer men, greasy machines and colorful language. They hoped it would provide me with rare, insiders’ access into a world that few others ever experience. It did.Read More

Costly Pricing Mistake that Real Estate Pros Make

Many top real estate agents will tell you that the best thing to do when your home is not selling is to…wait for it…reduce the price.

Do you have a trusted real estate pro that you have successfully worked with in the past to buy or sell your home? With all of the real estate market flips and flops, you are probably right to work with your trusted real estate pro again and again and you’re probably super smart to listen to what they tell you.

And they might be super smart to listen to what you tell them.Read More

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