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Use Curiosity to Avoid This Trap

“I would love to see the statistics of domestic violence in the NFL versus the general population.”

“What do you mean by statistics?”

“Well, I mean the reported rates. I bet the reported rates are a lot higher in the NFL than in the general population.”

“Really? What would that mean?”

Could it mean that:
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From Nether Regions Come…Sortafacts

Sortafacts are everywhere. Shhh…don’t tell anybody because whispering makes things 87% more believable.

Sortafacts are shared by company presidents, members of governments, magazines, blogs, newspapers, and news broadcasts both fair and balanced and slippery and wobbly. They are the truth-ish. This is proven to be true 93% of the time.

Often they come from our nether regions. Basically. Trust me. Literally (I saw them there once). They sometimes get sent down the bloggit hole whereRead More

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